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Introducing the flow of "Temari Sushi Making Experience"!

Even if you have never made temari sushi, you can easily make it if you receive the instructions of a craftsman. Reproduction at home is also possible. Do you not experience craftsman's skill at this opportunity?

  • 01.Take care today "Japanese Cuisine Aoi"

  • 02."I'm pleased to meet you, today!"

  • 03.There are many seasonal sushi items. It looks delicious just by looking at the material ♪

  • 04.First of all, you will get the guidance of a professional craftsman.

  • 05.As expected, a craftsman!だ け Enchanted by just looking at beautiful craftsmanship!

  • 06.Various techniques of Temari Sushi also appeared. "Hey, do it like that!"

  • 07.Here is Temari sushi made by a craftsman. Very beautiful!

  • 08.Ready to wear vinyl gloves ~ Start the experience immediately!

  • 09.Put the stuff on the lap and grab a bite of rice.

  • 10.If you put the rice on the material, it will come as it is!ご と Twist with the lap.

  • 11.It's surprisingly easy to start. I will make it crazy.

  • 12.Among them, Temari sushi rolls with mixed rice rolls pickled in Takana also appear!

  • 13.The craftsman will do the job of cutting the knives with the crafted sushi knife!

  • 14.Well then! Temari sushi is complete!

  • 15.Very fun shooting time after the experience!

  • 16.Finally, a fun tasting time. It's a perfect score with eating udon!

  • 17.Please enjoy it slowly while looking back on the fun experience

Temari Sushi Experience Classroom

Experience program that can be easily created.

Program name: Temari sushi experience
Meeting: Japanese cuisine Aoi (1-13-26 Honcho, Yatsushiro)
Experience fee: Temari sushi experience 3,600 yen
Time: 10: 30-11: 30, 13: 00-14: 00
Participants: 2-8
Application: DMO Yatsushirobitto Tour Section 「0965-31-8200」 or web site

※It becomes application of request system. After accepting the reservation, we will contact you within 3 business days of accepting the implementation.
Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian.

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